Yield Aggregator for QuickSwap.

Empowering yield-seeking farmers to optimize compounding strategies on the Polygon chain.



9.8 AUMI minted for every 10 MATIC

9.8 AUMI will be minted for every 10 MATIC earned in performance fees.





What exactly is AutoMatic?

AutoMatic is a yield aggregator on the Polygon Chain. It uses an auto-compounding function to increase returns on yield farms. Once set, the protocol runs itself, without the need for further attention from the investor.

AUMI Token strategy?

The AUMI token is the core of the AutoMatic ecosystem. The token can either be purchased and staked, or earned as a reward from various pools. For every 10 Matic earned through performance fees, 9.8 AUMI will be minted. AUMI buys and sells are subject to an adjustable tax of 0-10% on trading that will be converted to WMATIC, which will fund the rewards for The Vault.


Pools are investment instruments that employ specific sets of strategies for yield farming. They make use of automation to continually invest and reinvest deposited funds to achieve high levels of compounded interest. In pools, you earn more of the asset you stake in it regardless if this is a liquidity pool (LP) token or a single asset.

For example, pools where one can stake QUICK-MATIC LP will result in more QUICK-MATIC LP or QUICK over time, effectively growing your share in the pool and thus allowing for more and more rewards over time.

Only the non AUMI pools take performance fees and a 0.5% withdrawal fee for withdrawals in less than 72 hours from the time of staking. These fees will be less than the opportunity and gas cost of attempting to replicate the growth curve as an individual. Fees will be used as rewards for AUMI holders

The Vault
The Vault has a three month penalty period for deposits, grouped by week. After the three month period has elapsed, funds for that week are available for withdrawal at no penalty. Funds can be withdrawn at any time before the three months have elapsed with a 50% penalty. Funds in The Vault continue to earn rewards while they are left unclaimed, as well as providing weight for governance purposes.

Liquidity Pools
Liquidity pools (LP) provide further options for farmers. These are a slightly more complex form of investing, and provide both more opportunities for growth and higher risk.

Single Asset Pools
Single-asset pools are the simplest form of yield farming. Users stake their tokens in the pool, and the protocol handles everything else. AutoMatic will compound the value investors put in at an optimal rate to ensure the best rewards.

The fee structure.
  • 30% Performance Fee
  • 0.5% Withdrawal Fee

The 30% performance fee and withdrawal fee are collected and given to the AUMI stakers. For every 10 MATIC earned through performance fees, 9.8 AUMI is minted and given to respective users. Users will be earning money through this performance fee system as long as the price of AUMI stays above 10 MATIC/9.8.

All these fees will ultimately go towards staking AUMI, thereby ensuring the sustainability and longevity of the project and benefitting both AUMI supporters and holders.

  • 25 October

    as the first IDO for Lightning Incubator and Launchpad.

  • 650K

    to be raised on Lightning as a public sale.

  • 50%

    of $AUMI tokens sold will be locked in the AUMI staking pool, with participants receiving $MATIC as passive income.

Liquidity Pool

50% of the total raise will be put into the QuickSwap liquidity pool.

Development Fees

50% of raised funds will be used to create farms and pools ready for launch.


AUMI token holders will control the decision making and will receive most of the farm performance fee profits. Governance weight is determined by the amount of AUMI you have in the The Vault. The more AUMI you have in the Vault, the more influence you will have in the ecosystem and the future direction of the project

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